Step 1: Tab a chord and it plays!

When DodoChord starts, take a moment while the chords are getting loaded. Once loaded, tap directly on any of them. You'll hear the chords playing. That's it!

Step 2: Change Chord Types

There are total 23 chords arranged in 5 types. Navigate them through the Chord Type Panel on the top-right corner.

Step 3: Fast Inversions Switch

Within the same chord, different inversions still bring up different textures and feels.

As shown, 0 means the neutral position, where '+'/'-' means up/down inversion shifts respectively.

Step 4: Quick Octaves Switch

DodoChord supports three octaves -- o2, o3(center) and o4. Use the Octave Panel to immerse among them.

Step 5: Flat/Sharp Toggle

The Flat/Sharp Toggle enables you to switch notes between ordinary and flat/sharp ones.

It's Just That Simple

Here you go -- this should keep you busy for a long while.

Whether you are songwriters, composers, parents & kids, or simply want to join a party in a big snowy day without carrying a big guitar, DodoChord will be your ready-to-play virtual instrument buddy, powers you the melody.


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